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Another long history, the tenth over from my position, I tblop hope that you think is worth reading. But it is the last of which at least. This weekend has far exceeded even my wildest dreams. I was introduced to a place free from moral constraints, which allowed rampant, wild, wanton and uncontrolled sex. No guilt, no remorse, no confession, shit and shit. As I said the ANC had experienced ' this wonderful awakening only a few women to reach' for me there was no turning back. I was addicted to Paul and his beautiful tail and wild sex increased experience. I was fucked, introduced in anal sex, saliva and fist, all grateful to the public, performing sexual acts for my own satisfaction and enjoyment of the spectators. Debauchery, sexual thoughts free of restrictions, which is what I wanted, and that is what Paul is made available, with the promise that there was more to come. with my husband Jon again, there were two highks before I was with Paul. Two weeks of frustration, but not completely lost. I visited my sex shop and bought a couple easy things, a series of anal plugs, big, bigger andoh Gawd seek measures to help tblop my year training and let me cock in the ass with tblop ease, pipes and anal lubrication of the proposed aid owners a shower for hygiene more anal sex. I was in contact with Paul deal with a phone or through web cam if Jon had not show my purchases, masturbating with a dildo in my pussy and a plug in the ass, as I said, looked through it and several of his friends. Twice I saw him still fucks a jealous woman who always screwed by his hard cock and I did not. Finally, the man was gone and I could go back and visit Paul. I was hoping I could go on his bike, so I could use my sexy skin out in the countryside with my tits, but the weather was absolutely terrible. We stayed in one of the FridayFirst had sex wonderful stay in bed all day Saturday of shit. on Saturday night decided to go out drinking with some friends. I put things, but tblop he had other ideas, and told me to bring the leather skirt and a white tight T-shirt. I knew him well enough now not to bother with a bra or panties. I suspected it was another test, maybe a part of my presentation I was drawn deeper and deeper into a world of sexual pleasure without limits. I was determined not to fail or to me. A taxi took us to get in the tblop city, Matt and Sally was on the road. I sat in the back, before Paul and Matthew, Sally, along with my knee, went to see my pussy. The driver adjusts his mirror, Sally went on as if nothing had happened when Paul and Matt and put my legs on his knees, fully exposing my pussy. I was wet before she knocked me down and back the hood and tblop found out my little pink clit alreadwoke dy. Sally, between the seats and touched my pussy with his fingers in my slit, she got into my pussy then mouth sucking up my juices. Paul and Matt turned in his seat, the driver said nothing, his eyes in the mirror as well as in the street when I played. One had buried his fingers in my vagina, so I have a fucking fingers, and the other focused on my hyper- sensitive clitoris. The trip lasted about 15 minutes, took the fingers all the time, along the ring road through the suburbs, where the center busy, when I came to a stream of pussy juice left a wet spot on the seat . Exceptionally, the driver got out to open the door a good look at my gaping pussy I slid into the seat, a rock adaptation of Paul's arm in the direction of a nearby bar, walking down the road, the rock only eight or nine inches long, a little over a wide belt that barely covered my wound. I could feel my pussy juices tblop running, soaking mthighs and men who are trying not tblop to look, and usually no honey strips ran legs wet pussy. We were about a dozen tblop of his friends tblop about the same number of men and women, some of which I had taken a couple of weeks before the welcome. The bar was full, people - and sales of our group, Paul I was sitting on a stool very aware that every time I moved, crossing or uncrossing your legs, I showed him my pussy. I had some competition from one of the women, one could see her tits through her top, despite wearing panties at first, later retires again to see that we dared to most nudity. A tie at the end, I think. By late afternoon we took a taxi home, accompanied by a guy named James, who took me to see Paul. I was hoping I would get DP'd, but Paul has ass fucking for me immediately after my departure tblop and before James went to spit. I had to leave Sunday afternoon, Jon was home tblop for a few weeks. I managed to Paul twice, but just look for a quick fuck, 45 minutes in each direction and two hours to fuck at home at the time Jon was playing golf with his friends. Jon had left unexpectedly for one night and could not connect with Paul, I was desperate for a fuck, Jon did not show much interest in any way. I put on a short summer dress and went downtown to a bar that I liked, bought a drink and sat at the bar. A single women attract attention, and saw two men looking at me, probably only twenty or twenty Unlike my first attempt weeks before I could get to know once disturbed. I finished my drink, he saw in tblop the mirror as she approached, she smiled and asked one of them â € œWould another drink?  € I €  Oeno response was due. What I want is to shit felt so enthusiastic € Mea surge protection as the words left me. They were hanging upside open look from one to another. â € œWell to do ? â € I asked, â € œErr yes, Where†1 to say. â € oin the multi-storey on the road. Come ona € You followed me to the third floor where I spread my skirt over my waist, my panties down to her ankles, bent over the hood of my car, my legs, bent my pussy was open and both can catch me, quietly thanking Paul for giving me the confidence to tblop be a bitch. Not the best sex ever, but it was between them and ordinary people to see slow, which made me come. Once I got home, I tried to tell Paul to contact him about it. He said listen this time, while enthusiastically describing what he had done, tblop glad when I called her â € € oikoumene Slut tell me to sign and show what sperm is still running in my pussy. He told me to take my pussy cream and drinks, while I, until masturbate to climax. If Iâ € ™ d tblop done, he told me the good news, a party at the cottage, the weekend after the August break. A quick review, thank God, JonOf the States just after the long weekend and wanted to go at least two weeks. This weekend we had some of the best weather all summer. I went to Paul on Friday night, riding in the BMW at the shelter on Saturday, eager to learn what Paul had planned for me, willing to do whatever he wanted, and continue my education as his whore. It was hot and sunny, the excuse to travel with my skin, my tits unzipped expose most of the trip. I had some people in the garden, some of the people in my first session of multiple shit. The men mostly dressed in shorts, topless probably outnumber women two to three minutes before one of the girls in shorts and tank tops or bikinis or two. I showered, took the opportunity to clean, my passage back to the shower, if I have luck and somebody wanted to fuck your ass, put a bikini and went to find Paul. I tblop stopped to talk to Sally and Matt, David was talking to a coupland of men, whose names I had forgotten, but from the moment I took the motorcycle repair shop a few weeks before recognized. We laughed a guy chasing one of his fucking squirting with a hose, look through what your bikini, the exercise of the conversation when they stripped naked in the grass, fingers her pussy and asks if you think someone him. I could not see, and Paul went to a wooded area at the bottom of the garden. More close I could hear the sound of a bitch, see Fiona, the sister of David, hands and knees is fucked dog and suck a dick. I was there and saw a hand on my bikini and play with me until the man was pulling on her and another man took his turn. on the way back to the cabin I saw Paul took over the grill and went to him to come to the girl in the garden and fuck. It took me and someone gave me a cold beer. Looking around I guess there were about thirty people to relax, andnjoying itself. Fiona and the two men appeared from the forest, now like everyone else wearing shorts or bathing suits. I was not paying particular attention to the conversation, busy people, if I realize that Paul told me about the two guys pick up the rod and fuck her I was in the tblop parking lot. Paul had his hand on my back, my upper undone in a table. My nipples hardened as chat, Paul taking one of my breasts, rolling the nipple between the thumb and index finger, and then a bit difficult for me away from the pain and the joy of breathing. The five or six people looked at me and continued talking. Paul had his hand on my waist, I felt his fingers pulling the string, the ruin of one side of my bikini bottom and then the other, to understand the material and put it between tblop my legs and put on the table beside the point . He was naked in the garden, all the rest have something. He put his hand on my back, stroking my back, in theFinger between my cheeks touched my anus. I spread my legs a little to put his finger in my ass squeaky clean, if you wanted. Instead, he moved his hand tblop forward, fingers brushing the small strip of pubic hair on my pussy, fingers in my hole. He touched me and just talk as if in a party at tblop the palace garden. Paul then said that he and David had fucked me and put my ass anal virginity. Training, told them what had been tblop a willing and compatible bitch and I have a. To prove that, he suddenly moved his hand from my pussy and my tblop ass hit. The sound of my hand hit the bottom, most people's attention. ' Bend over and show everyone her pussy,' he ordered, I bent down and spread my legs, did not seem to shake wondered how I see my pussy, supported me to get a hand between my legs and kept open with pussy the other tblop fingers, waiting for the next instruction. It was not long in coming, saidI unzip the man in front of me and suck his cock. I did, as I said, sucking his semi erect penis in my mouth almost to the neck, feeling the warm sun on my bare back, a cock hotter hard, and throbbing in his mouth, viewed throughout the world, something that I found very exciting. Hold the base of his tail, and from time to time you pull into my mouth, gave him a slow, a steady beat. I felt his fingers slid into my pussy, three, four, tell the person David fist me, fist in my pussy, stretching my hole fist fucking me while I concentrated on sucking cock in order to simultaneous orgasms. I almost succeeded, but he came to me, I almost drowned in milk that made me swallow three loads of cream, as I had my first orgasm of the day. had not realized that talking to Paul on his cell phone until I got up. He finished and went to talk to David to tell him tblop that some of the guests were tblop unable to find the trackthe cabin. He turned to me and asked me to accompany him to the end of the track to find them. I took my bikini weak, in the fist had to wait until he entered the house to get something. He returned with a collar and leash told me to turn around. I obeyed and fastened the necklace around her neck, hanging from the front were two chains, clamps at the ends, attached to my nipples, screw tblop almost painfully tight. He took the leash and led me to the front of the house. We had gone a few steps when he heard about 'What's in your hand? ' He says. I told him it was my bikini, if I needed some clothes. 'Give it to me' then handed it to the house when we threw on the grill. He got on the train, holding the leash loose, do not hurt me, nipple chains were short and tight my breasts up a little, tblop shook the weight pulls my nipples as my breasts smaller with each step. We took aCorner of the track and I could see the road, in the end, and left. The track lost only two meters wide and easy if you do not know. This is the end, and he took me to the street, in the direction of a main road, I could hear traffic in the distance. I started a little nervous but excited at the same time. Naked in the privacy of secluded garden was brilliant. Also in the bar, told me I could blink my pussy was going to happen. In the taxi driver stopped when he complained, but now that I was going to put in the street, where someone might be unity, is at risk, they awaken more. He tblop got back into his cell phone tblop instructions, a few meters away there is a door to establish a field between the hedges again, out of sight. He decided to wait there, telling me sit on the top bar, just the right height to lick my pussy for him and relieve some stress buildup in the pussy, not to mention loosening the tblop chains of a small nipple. I almost forgot wherere, grabbing his head and pressed it against my pussy tblop explore, with the language of my tblop hole, teasing my clit. About 10 minutes had passed, approached a car without noticing us, a minute later the phone rang and hit another car. He dropped the tblop belt and told me on the street. I went as a car came off the main road, which took a step back, 'Stay here and play with her pussy,' he shouted. I was completely naked in the street, fingers stroking my tblop clitoris still chubby fingers in my pussy. The slower car, more and more, when he was masturbating in the middle of the street, half hoping Paul knew what he was doing, be careful not a part of me. The car stopped about two feet from me, are two men smiled at me, I look at the straw, when Paul came out to meet him. I suspected it was something like this, but glad to get in the car for the trip back to the hut of some cold beers. in the cabin gavePaul is a bag with the things he had asked to go. It was late, always a little cooler, some people had left or were in the cabin was not the only nude couple had sex on the lawn was Fiona in the back with three men in the woods. I released the clamps on her nipples, she began to make soft, but left the collar and leash, you drink two bottles of beer to quench my thirst. I started to get frustrated, we were there for a number of hours and I just had an orgasm, and gets fucked by the looks of things, had to catch up with Fiona and one or two others. They need not fear that he would not have to get me. Paul had to know that if someone wanted to catch me I was available. that I had not heard someone coming behind me, but everything was in order, hard cock stuck in the back and a hand caressing my tits and fingers to touch my pussy. I have came from behind the tail, ' Mmm, Nice. I hope that intMy order :.. 'I said shit I pushed a garden bench near a hand on my head and pushed me to bend over the back, on the other hand, between my departure legs, fingers pushed roughly into my hole. He gave me his cock as he stood up and pushed his button directly on my pussy wet. not a word spoken by him, and he was fucking me like a pair of mating dogs, I did the bitch in heat. I me under his cock in my hole, only passively to me. other guests were loose to stop the feet of some, while others continue as if nothing had happened to look at hand. a man was sitting on the bench and a woman sucking cock then riding it up , riding hard on tblop the tail. Browsing them I could see his cock in and out of her pussy. I felt myself about to start breathing harder, man fucks me groan. the woman began to moan softly to himself, jumping up and down faster in its kind. I felt his fingers on my clitoris, sfingers often, which came through the slats and touched me. Sally was deeply touched me, but only briefly, was to use soft and gentle, just the right touch, the gentle rhythm of a woman in her own pussy masturbate though. I complained, I ran, feeling that the man pushed harder, and then took his sperm when I sent to my own climax, listening to the woman next to me called long and loud. The tail took me in was, I was leaning over the table tblop for several seconds before again organized a beautiful thick cock stretching my pussy, guy fucking me nice and slow, putting a finger in the ass at the same time, happiness . I had the chance to see Paul, about 20 feet away sitting naked on a stone table, only to see a girl stroking his cock before they descended upon him. A minute later I looked again, and she was in her lap, and I could see his cock pumping in and out of her pussy. He cursed me, he suddenly threw back his head and everything went black when I was blindfolded stockng tight. I could not see anything, just seemed to add sensations. I could feel every bump and ripple the key to beating my pussy fat, followed by the juice splashing his sperm in me The valve was removed in my pussy, I waited in the hope that penetrated and took back. Instead, I heard Paul 's voice to me, 'Jeff, Mike, who remain faithful to Jenny Emily Butt Plug Insert in the ass.. ' ' I hope it's a great' I challenge. 'It will fill Jenny 's ass ' I was forced the back of the chair, hands on my legs and pulled them apart, exposing my ass. I felt Jenny 's hair brush against my bottom, warm breath near me, very close. Hands to extend the hand of a woman of my ass, I felt the tip of the tongue of someone licking my pussy, cum sucking, licking the length of my wound after around my butt hole. Jenny? It must be me. I was restless, Jeff and Mike hugged me stronger. His tongue probed my anus, sending a chill through me, and then paused, 'Please, no't stop, 'I sighed. I felt his tongue back just snap around my ass hole, playing, playing little crazy. I tried twisting back and wanted his tongue exploring my ass feeling hole, then tblop stopped again. parted my ass cheeks wide, fingers opened my anus, I spit on put his tongue in my ass fingers my ass open even more surprising. Coole anal lube dribbled on me, I tried again to push Jenny 's fingers I, two, take three and finally four fingers of one hand on my ass. she put her fingers in so far as he could, shook his hand back and forth to work the lubricant in. They also had the butt plug in the other, touch the tip of my hole with an open hand to carry it in my ass. thickened plug feels like it swirled and is ruining my ass hole and moved his fingers and replaced them with silicone plugs. came to the thickest part, stretching the anus to swallowEng as she pushed me the rest tblop of inches. My ass was pleasantly full, as I wondered what it was in store for me next. I still had in his seat, but had been allowed to raise his head it was a trick, pushed my mouth. I took it to Paul, I'm sure it sucked, tasting pussy juice on his cock pleasure until he pulled his tail. He tblop spoke again, that ' tblop fuck her Jenny' the woman I had fucked. tblop She placed her hands on my ass then I felt the movement tblop of the strap on dildo in my pussy. He was bigger than any other man who had taken seemed to slip inside of me forever, eight, nine, ten inches and very thick as an arm in my hole, stretching wide pussy I grabbed my dildo. I took about 10 minutes gives me joy, but never gives me seismic orgasms Paul. I'm done when I was a fake orgasm and let it stand. tblop I was sure that Paul had not finished with me. I waited a while blindfolded, the amountneed of my senses, every little noise seemed louder, I could clearly hear several women fucked, someone started to suck my nipples, fingers in my pussy, the most intense feelings, without knowing their identity. I already asked me where Paul commanded : tblop 'Bring it on the table damn ' was removed from the belt, and I had gone with him. I would recommend this unusual picture before and did not notice anything thought of me. I was a beer that I drank before putting a pillow on tblop top of the table, a pillow under me, arched his back and given up the ass. My arms went over my head, a soft rope tied around my wrists and secure. Then my legs, and tied the rope around the ankles. The table was articulated to sit in a central location in the two open ends and are arranged around an X shape, my legs were wide open, my pussy and ass on the tip of the V, accessible either shit. The headrest has become and lowered my head down. I was tied spread eagle pussy, ass and tblop mouth my disposalto fuck. Someone was tblop sure that I have found moderate, with one hand on my tits, pinching my nipples, another bit of my clit, then pulled my pubic hair band, hailing for the shaving cream and razor blades. Foam spread over my pussy, it was the touch of a razor, and the strip of hair removed. He was clean shaven then wiped with a wet towel. I recognized the voice of Fiona, I felt comfortable and ready for inspection. He confirmed that he had to listen to it when 'Emily is ready to be called when someone wants her pussy, ass, mouth, is the choice. Remember that you can insert the plug again when his ass to hell. If you need lubricant here ' felt a cock touch my nose, I opened my mouth and pushed in my head, drew a straight line in the throat, breathing through the nose, and I swallowed, took his cock in my throat when I had trained and to fuck my face. To feel a tongue in my pussy, and then a cock forced its way in tblop me, not too thick, fairly long fucking me in a beautifulslow and steady movements, his ball hit the cap in the ass, a pair of balls to touch my nose, as he pushed his cock in my throat. I was glad to share my technique perfected blowjobs Paul and his friends. I was in heaven, the wonderful sensations on the basis of my shell, a pretty tasty cock discharge of semen in my mouth, what more can you ask a girl. It is easy to answer, of course, plus the tail. The guy was fucking me and someone started hitting me. I was meant to 'Table of shit' to behave, comfortable, quiet and relaxed, with two more cocks in my pussy and mouth, running several times by the intense sexual excitement, so depraved and corrupt. I took about six tblop or seven times cursed was another man came to me and I felt moved by it, and everyone tblop else, milk leaking from my shit hole, then a mouth on my pussy, a soft smooth face against my thigh . One of the women made ​​me suck, cleaning up the sperm from my pussy, sucking my clit with a waand, as I learned, can only be a woman in heaven. A man went to talk to her and asked him to release the plug from my ass if she was ready. The tblop finger in the socket, unscrew the ass, then pulled tblop back, to touch an ass of my thigh, the cap was removed quickly and close in front of my cock slid into my ass lubricated anus. I could not breathe, to open mouth, a mouth more than my hand, a woman to kiss me, tongue in his mouth, cum dripping from my pussy, he knows very well mixed with my own juices. When my ass fucked, she continued to kiss, lips, neck, my breasts, sucking my nipples erect. His fingers move to my clit, slipping in and out of my pussy, moving with penis pump in the ass. It felt good to touch another woman and a fat cock in the ass. I started coming, at first soft and then louder and louder, as the intensification of feelings screaming to be fucked hard, I'm crying, my body convulsed as my orgasm hit me with a jolt. The throbbing tblop cock in my ass, and that shis hot load inside. He stood with his cock in my ass, panting, rested to recover from their efforts, as it was too. After a minute he pulled his cock faster than the screw cap back on his hand on my belly and presses on the bladder. I noticed it was full of feelings, are a couple of hours since I've been in the bathroom and grab the beer was. My bladder was bursting was the light pressure of his hand on my bladder enough. I felt a trickle of urine, he managed to control it, but I needed a place to urinate soon. I told the tblop woman next to me is necessary in the toilet. She told me to just do it there, before urinating. I felt like a little girl, 'I can not, all you see me' she laughed, 'You see them fucked already taken his cock in the ass, sucking someone, let me go down on you and you are interrupted pee. do not worry, they do not, in fact, some of them grow to be surprised by it. no, but that until thTe ', I laughed,' I said I would do anything, ' laughed even forced a small splash of urine, I was bursting to urinate. You have the most searched for someone, when' Chris called to come here. A gift for you. Emily to hell ' I realized that Chris was not the only one who comes to watch and wait for the votes from all sides, I pee. I felt a mouth on my pussy, a little urine was filtered, ran to me and licked before you cut away. I asked to remove the band of women so I could see it open, I recognized him from before. Jane, I looked up, adjust the headrest. My eyes adjusted to the light, I now see my bald pussy, Chris sat between my legs. my bladder was so tblop full it hurt, I could not take it anymore. I started to pee on, leaned a golden stream of urine between my legs, soaking their face. Chris moved the ball with his mouth tblop open urination and drinking, I pushed harder, the river rose sprays, face mPray soaked, her hair caught in the mouth and swallowing. The sense of relief when the river subsided, minimizing forced me to two or three applications injected into the face until my bladder was empty. I could see Chris standing fully erect penis, as he approached, masturbating, pushing the tip into my hole then rammed his cock in my pussy and fucked me. He leaned over me, my urine dripping from his hair, splashing my body. His face was all tblop over me, I realized I had not said a mouth full of urine, he said: 'Let me taste' open mouth while she tblop opened her mouth to my urine ran. I thought my urine and took me more hit me until he reached the bottom of my pussy with emphasis ejaculation. I had not cum, but I ended up Jane with her fingers and tongue before lifting me. It began to freeze, most people were inside. I needed a shower and went with Jane to clean and remove the plug from my ass. Again, it was a night, A guy who I had not noticed before and thought that came with Matt. As far as I knew that I had not screwed Matt, and I wanted them both. I told them I wanted them to my DP. We found an empty bed, and they both get sucked me his tail stiff. After all, the key to my pussy was one he took lightly. Matt was lying on the bed where he grew up with his back to him, took his cock in my pussy and put her back while the two types fed his cock on the page. I was among them and to let fuck me, fill my pussy beautiful, tblop well grab the dick until we had all the runs. Later I Janes pussy clean with his tongue after Paul picked it up. I asked about sex with another woman and discovered that I liked, but not as a substitute for a nice hard cock, which I like more, but tblop well. After this intense, passionate, agitated, and some would say excessive sex sessions, I asked tblop for more. Paul had introduced me to a new level of sexual experience and experimentation, learningwhat I wanted. I could not bear to see him between intervals. I was masturbating on web cam for Paul, and he gave everyone the link, performing sex acts on me for their own entertainment and for my own sexual gratification, always fun to watch, according to his commandments. There was no replacement for him, a total bullshit and used by him and his friends. One of you asked if my husband knew. The answer tblop is no, not exactly. I was increasingly frustrated by the differences between seeing Paul. When we met it was usually a weekend of wild uninhibited fuck me with several partners. The last straw was a 'Christmas Fuckfest ' I wanted to participate in the Christmas and New Year, and I knew that Jon came home. I tblop decided tblop to use the moral authority to deal with Jon about his affair. He accused some fucking bitch behind my back, how could such a thing, a diatribe old days. He admitted that was true, that would be better if wWe had to think about Christmas separate things. I have to take hard, go tblop to a new dimension would be. Handcuffed, blindfolded and robbed me of two of the five senses of sight and headphone ear. An amazing experience, the tblop improvement of the other senses, especially touch, time to hand, mouth or cock. Generous, after Christmas, we sat and discussed things and I told him that after it was determined a great deal of thought (mostly in the back with legs spread and a cock in my pussy ), which was good for when he sees me, he continued his girlfriend if he did not complain when I got to see someone I did for sex. He jumped at the offer, he has his girlfriend and I, well, you know what I have !!!!!
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